Back in the Fall of 2009 at the corner of Jackson & Mason Streets in San Francisco a group of energy efficiency and renewable energy experts got together and decided to organize a company that took a holistic approach to improving customer cash flow by saving energy and, if necessary, producing and storing energy for its clients. In doing so; D48’s clients have become better global citizens while enjoying greater profitability.

D48 is a different type of energy management company offering no-cost initial analysis, complete energy audits, full spectrum low-to-high tech efficiency analysis and multiple financing solutions. Turn-key renewable power production and storage project management services are available on request.

We accomplish our customer’s ROI goals by minimizing up-front costs through stepped high impact efficiency strategies, manufacturer direct hardware pricing, innovative loan and lease financing. Our innovative savings share program and incentive capture make getting started easy.

Today D48 associates around the world partner with their clients to reduce energy consumption in the areas of: time of use analysis, best efficiency structure insulating and ventilating technologies, LED lighting, variable speed AC/DC water pumps and ultra-efficient solar and hybrid climate control. After efficiencies have been maximized, we determine what combination of sustainable power production, back-up and storage is the best fit

D48’s grid-tied and off-grid efficiency and power producing solutions leverage the resulting energy flexibility and higher profits to maximize our customer’s returns and carbon credits. D48’s skill in project management and producing high ROI outcomes has led to healthier bottom lines and a cleaner environment wherever our services are engaged.

For a confidential initial analysis request click here to discuss your goals and the possible strategies that will make it happen. Thank You – The D48 Team