D48’s seasoned professionals are focused on the best client outcomes in the areas of structural energy efficiency, renewable energy production/storage project management and best fit financing/incentive strategies.

Strengths we leverage include: Decades of innovation in the sustainable space, world-class manufacturing, certification and logistics capabilities and the most competitive pricing. Our global network of trusted associates provides the best efficiency solutions and financing to fit our customer’s needs. Additional strengths include: immediate customer ROI, expert technical and parts support and the ability to efficiently manufacture, certify and introduce third party technology.

D48 has deep experience in: Operational and structural efficiency, global manufacturing, certifications and logistics, ultra-efficient solar air conditioning and waste heat utilization. Variable speed water pumping, LED lighting, data collection and interpretation are additional areas where we make a significant impact.


Hybrid Solar ACDC12 Heat Pump; Roof Mount

Hybrid ACDC12 Ground Mount, 1 of 3 with two 600-watt solar panels each

Hybrid ACDC12b Ground Mount, 1 of 3 with two 600-watt solar panels each

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“Our strength is in our expert advisers around the world that give their local customers world class solutions and service.”    Mark Walsh, D48