DC-Inverter Chiller

chiller heat pump outdoor unitCompressor/Condensing Unit  2-Ton Cooling/2.5 Ton Heat   Built-In PEX Water Line Connections celing mount fan coil unit for chillerCeiling Mount DC-Inverter Fan Coil Unit – 1/4 to 1 Ton
high wall chiller fan coil for ductless minisplit chillerHigh-Wall Mount Standard
Ductless Fan Coil Unit – 1/4 to 1 Ton
low wall or floor mount chiller fan coil unitFloor/Low Wall Mount DC-Inverter Fan Coil Unit – 1/4 to 1 Ton

2-Ton Solar-Ready Mini-Split Ductless Chiller that operates at up to SEER 60 in server and electronic rooms.

The Chiltrix DC-Inverter Heat Pump with its no length limit PEX water lines, (no copper refrigerant lines or refrigerant needed) and up to seven fan coils is designed for the lowest possible cost to operate. With a base COP of 4.35 (cooling) and a COP of 5.97 (heating) this unit uses less watts per BTU than any unit on the market. Built by the same engineering and production team that has led the solar air conditioner market on a global basis since 2007, the components list looks like a “who’s who” of the worlds top air conditioning components manufacturers.

The CX30 two ton, (24,000 BTU cooling, 30,000 BTU heating) air conditioning system is more efficient because it uses DC-Inverter motors for compressor, pumps, and fan coils. Everything is variable capacity, it’s exactly the right size for the current conditions and demand. Add to this the natural efficiency gain and low amp start of DC motors and you wind up with the worlds most efficient heat pump chiller. When connected to a solar battery, the CX30 is the perfect cooling and heating solution; it has a very soft start with about a three amp draw, and uses less watts per BTU than anything on the market. Click here for technical information.