In the world of air conditioning, air cooled chillers have always been more efficient than conventional refrigerant based air conditioners, up to 300% more efficient in some cases. The problem was that these chillers are usually over 10-Tons in size and most home/office air conditioners specified or installed are refrigerant based systems and less than 10-Tons. So 95% of the time designers and builders use ducted 3-Ton and 5-Ton, refrigerant based air conditioning or heat pump systems in new construction, small commercial and replacement projects. In addition, no thought was expended on how a climate control system could add to hot water production and take advantage of solar thermal and or electric systems designed into or existing at an increasing number of new and retrofit projects.
Chiltrix has thought about these opportunities and recently updated its CX34, 2-Ton mini-chiller heat pump listing on the California Energy Commission web site to incorporate the CX34’s world record setting efficiency data recently certified by AHRI.
As a high quality chiller with a 20-year service life, multiple air handler capability, scalable from 24,000 to 72,000 BTUs of air conditioning, ductless split with variable speed motors; the CX34 checks all the boxes when it comes to being ultra-efficient and dependable. It leaves other comparable units 37% to 150% behind in ILPV EER efficiency and up to 300% more efficient under NLPV conditions. Both ILPV and NLPV are specified in the AHRI’s, (Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration Institute’s) 550/590 industry Standard. ILPV is what SEER is to standard air conditioners, the NLPV rating is used for the CX34 when its humidity control option is in use and loop water temperatures fluctuate out of the ILPV standards to maintain a desired indoor humidity level.
The patent-pending Chiltrix offers a DHC humidity control option which is unique to the CX34 and allows users to set specific inside humidity levels higher for a healthier inside environment while saving even more energy during its operation. Other systems cannot provide this important aspect of total indoor climate control.
To put the efficiency of the CX34 in perspective, let’s look at a new 100 home project in southern California, (at least 20-miles from the beach) with an average of 1200 square feet of living space per home and the CX34 is used for primary hot water, heating and cooling. The residents of this project would have a combined average of an additional $90,000.00 per year of disposable income that would eventually make its way into the local economy or the homeowner’s education/retirement accounts. Either way, the effect is a healthier more prosperous community.
So let’s review:
• The CX34 heat pump has a certified IPLV COP efficiency of 6.75 and an EER of 23.02 using chiller ILPV efficiency rating guidelines from AHRI and a COP of 9 and an EER of 30.72 using the NLPV, (controlling inside humidity levels) rating guidelines. The ILPV efficiency rating is a world efficiency record!

• The whisper quiet, air cooled CX34 chiller is quality manufactured with the best parts from around the world to achieve a 20-year service life, uses insulated PEX water lines to support up to eight ductless inside air handlers per 2-Ton outdoor condensing unit and is scalable to 6-Tons of air conditioning and 9-Tons of heat. The CX34 is an air cooled, sealed and maintenance free chiller heating and cooling system.

• The variable speed motors in the CX34 allow it to have an operating range of 25% to 100% of its rated capacity giving the user the option of only cooling/heating inside areas where people actually are present. If only one ½-Ton air handler is active then just a fraction of power is used by the CX34.

In addition to the CX34’s attributes above; it is solar ready. With a variable speed 208/240 single phase soft start of 2 amps, the CX34 makes it easy on inverters and battery banks and practical to integrate into solar PV systems. It can also connect directly with solar water heating systems for heating purposes and be an ultra-efficient primary source for hot water thus saving the user even more on related energy costs.
Finally the CX34 is priced about the same or less as quality conventional new or replacement HVAC hardware. If ducting or ducting replacement/repair is factored in the CX34 is often the less expensive option. Builders and contractors can also save on new construction and replacement projects by using in-house install personnel since there is no requirement for a specialty license to install the CX34.
New zero energy and Title 24 compliant home buyers, commercial tenants and system replacement customers benefit greatly from reduced AC operation noise levels, a more comfortable and healthier interior environment, contributing to local carbon reduction strategies and saving up to 50% on climate control and water heating related energy costs as a result of the CX34 being the primary hot water, heating and air conditioning system for their home or office.
Yes, the people at Chiltrix thought of that.
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